Join the fight against Prostate Cancer by supporting VPCa image

Join the fight against Prostate Cancer by supporting VPCa

Your donation will help us carry out our mission to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer incidence among Veterans.

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Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness (VPCa)

Prostate Cancer is the #1 diagnosed cancer in the VA healthcare system. Over 15,000 veterans are diagnosed every year. We know that men with family history and/or who are African American are at higher risk, but did you know that Veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam and Korean wars are at a 50% higher risk of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in their lifetime than the average man? They are also diagnosed at an earlier age and tend to have the more aggressive types of Prostate Cancer. Screening is critical in order to detect these potentially deadly cancers early. VPCa is dedicated to helping all men, especially our Vets, understand the importance of screening and being proactive with their health. Your donation will allow us to continue to reach our nation's Veterans to provide the education and resources needed to make informed healthcare decisions related to Prostate Cancer and other Men's Health conditions.